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Long time no write [Dec. 3rd, 2010|03:32 pm]
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Hey everyone who is even still checking this page. I've managed to go almost a whole year without updating. I guess that happens when one becomes a working mom.

This week has been crap-tacular. Work has been busy because pretty much half of the editing staff was out of the office last week (because of Thanksgiving) and everyone was playing catch up this week. Chuck closed all week, which meant I had to re-arrange what hours I worked so that I could get home in time for Chuck to leave. Rayna spiked a 103 degree fever on Tuesday which had us going to the ER (mostly to be on the safe side). She ended up staying home from daycare the rest of the week, which complicated my schedule more. Chuck and I are both sick as well, so not only was Rayna keeping us up at night, our own coughing has been keeping us up at night as well. The lack of sleep caught up with me this morning when I slept in by over an hour and a half (instead of waking up at 5:30, I woke up at 7). Basically that screwed my whole day. I had to bring work home with me so I could make up the time that I lost over the weekend. Arg.

Hopefully Chuck and I will be able to recuperate over this weekend. Rayna's fever broke yesterday morning, so now our problem is getting her back on her regular schedule. It doesn't help that she's been teething, which makes her cough and have congestion. I'd personally just like her to get back to sleeping through the night. That's the worst part of Rayna being sick this week - Chuck and I are incredibly sleep-deprived.

Other than how crappy this week as been, I can't believe the holiday season is in full swing already. This whole year has gone by so fast that I feel totally unprepared for the Christmas season. I haven't done any shopping yet, not that Chuck and I are planning to go crazy. For Rayna, other than maybe a couple of toy, we just want to wrap some empty boxes in pretty paper and let her play with that. We're pretty practical about the fact that Rayna won't care about anything we buy her this year anyway.

Rayna and I will going down to Florida with my family the week after Christmas as a gift from my parents. Chuck couldn't get the time off as he still works in retail and stores don't really let anyone have off from November till the second week in January. Plus his store has been in a difficult spot managerially-speaking the past year (as in they're short 2 managers, one of which is an assistant store manager). He's really looking forward to taking time off around Rayna's 1st birthday (his parents are coming out then) while I can't wait for my time off the last week of December. We both could really use the vacation to decompress.
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Snow [Dec. 21st, 2009|10:37 am]
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Hey everyone. Again, I've managed to be incommunicado for about a month. This is getting to be a habit.

I am currently at home right now, instead of being at work where I should be. On Saturday, we got about 2 feet of snow and not all of the roads have been cleared yet. I tried to leave for work at my usual time this morning. I got out of my townhouse parking lot and immediate neighborhood fine. I don't know if HOA hired a snow plow or if the VDOT sent a truck, but our immediate streets were plowed and sanded. However, when I got to the public road that I need to take to get to a bigger road, it was covered with powdery snow and ice pack under it. I got stuck going up the hill. Luckily, one of my neighbors (who has a truck), helped me get turned around so I could get back to my house. I sent an email to my supervisor when I got home, and she was the only one who had managed to make it in around 8-ish. She also told me that the road in front of our office building hadn't been cleared, which means that even if I'd made it out to a main road, I probably would have gotten stuck in 2 feet of snow on the way. I'm surprised that they didn't just call everyone and tell them that the office was closed for the day. I thought I wouldn't have a problem getting out because our townhouse cluster roads were passable with no problem, but apparently that's deceptive. Who knows when the plows will get to all of the side streets since NOVA has a lot of side streets to cover and only so many snow plows to get to them all.

Sunday, I helped Chuck for about an hour digging our cars out of the snow. He continued for most of the afternoon with our neighbors, but being 8 months pregnant, it is not a good idea for me to be shoveling and scooping snow for extended periods of time.

In pregnancy news, I'm feeling okay, but I have had to deal with a lot of doctor's appointments. I have gotten used to checking my blood sugar 4 times a day and I've pretty much set my diet day in and day out so that I know how many carbs I'm eating at any given meal. I've also been on prednisone (a steroid) to help boost my platelets (I have prenancy-related thrombocytopenia), which had the side effect of raising my blood sugar. The first week I was on it, it did raise my levels, but then the following week, my platelets dropped again. As a result, my hematologist scheduled me for two IVIG infusions (intravenous immuno globulin), so I spent this past Thursday and Friday at the hospital getting infused. Thursday I was there from 8:00 to about 5:15 and Friday I was there from 8:30 to about 4:45. I didn't have any side effects, but it was a long day of sitting in a chair (at least it reclined), and getting my temperature and blood pressure checked every hour. Hopefully it does the trick for boosting my platelet levels, so that I can a) stop taking the prednisone and b) can have an epidural when I go into labor.

I did find out at my last prenatal appointment that I'll be scheduled for an induction in my 39th week, mostly because they don't like women with gestational diabetes to go over 40 weeks. I have a feeling it has to do with how big the baby is. The last time she was measured, she was about 5 pounds and 6 ounces. She'll be measured again in 2 weeks, where I expect she'll be over 6 pounds. My belly is certainly much bigger than it was a couple of weeks ago (and I have the stretch marks to prove it) and it is definitely getting harder to get up and down when I'm lying down on the couch or in bed.

The frustrating thing about the past week is that I only had 1 vacation day left (which I of course had to use for one day of my IVIG infusions). I have to make up the other 8 hours this week and probably next week. I may even have to make up today as well, which would make it 16 hours to make up before the end of the year, plus I still have doctor appointments this week to make up time for and it is a short week, what with Christmas being on Friday. I guess I should be thankful that my company is so laid back and flexible about making up work. I just hate having to work all this extra time when I'm so very pregnant and should feasibly be cutting back on my time.

I still can't believe that Christmas is this week and it is almost 2010. I did manage to get all of my Christmas shopping done about 2 weekends ago. My siblings are doing another secret santa gift exchange this year, with the cap at $20, which made it much easier.

Mom and Steph had planned a baby shower this past of Sunday, which of course had to be cancelled because of the snow. Since it was mostly family members anyway, we're just going to do it when we do Christmas presents this year, which will be this Wednesday. The dudes of the family will just have to deal with all the baby stuff.
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Happy Thanksgiving [Nov. 27th, 2009|08:15 pm]
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I know it's been a while since I've updated. I've been feeling really busy between doctor's appointments and work and trying to get the house ready for baby. I also know it's not Thanksgiving today, but I figure better late than never to say "Happy Thanksgiving".

New Developments:

I have developed gestational diabetes, which means I have to measure my food and eat 6 meals a day until I give birth. The meals themselves are smaller, they're just spread out over the course of the day. This is meant to keep my blood sugar more even throughout the day. I have to watch how many carbs I eat for each meal and I also can't eat sugary stuff (which sucks this time of year because this is when I like to bake cookies and such). I've done pretty well avoiding the sweets, but they are just so tempting when they are around. I also have to check my blood four times a day. As long as I control my blood sugar with the special diet, then I won't have to take medicine, which is good because I don't want to have to see maternal fetal medicine specialists 2 times a week instead of seeing them in 3 weeks. My day revolves around eating and checking my blood, like so:

1. Wake up and check blood.
2. Eat breakfast.
3. 2 hours after start eating breakfast, check blood.
4. An hour after that, eat a snack.
5. Within 3 hours of eating snack, eat lunch.
6. 2 hours after start eating lunch, check blood.
7. An hour after that, eat a snack.
8. Within 3 hours of eating snack, eat dinner.
9. 2 hours after start eating dinner, check blood.
10. Eat a snack before bedtime.

The upside is that I have to get more ultrasounds to monitor the baby's growth (to make sure she's not getting too big), which means I get to see her more often before she's born. I'll also get to know how much she weighs before the next two months are up. I found out at the last appointment that she's about 3 pounds, 11 ounces, which is right on target for being 32 weeks along.

As far as baby movements go, she's pretty active all 24 hours of the day, though some days she's busier than others. It is really strange to see my belly move with the shape of her fists/feet, and watching it wiggle when she's "dancing" around.

Other Stuff:

Today I did venture out, even though I know it is Black Friday and people go crazy for the sales. I went to Babies 'R' Us because they had a glider/ottoman combo that was on sale for 50% off, but I didn't end up getting it. I found it was too small for our purposes (as in I could fit in it fine but Chuck would be super-cramped). I did not waste the opportunity and jotted down the rocker/ottoman Chuck and I did agree on and I also got a few outfits for the baby. There were some clothing sets on sale, so I went ahead and bought them. When I got home, I decided to go ahead and wash all the baby stuff that I'd just bought along with whatever Heather had left over from Jack. I also wiped down the crib pieces and dresser, then assembled the crib. I've decided that I don't really need much more for the 0-3 month size because she'll grow out of them really fast, so I updated my registry on Babies 'R' Us.

There's still stuff I have to go through in the nursery that needs to be cleared out of there, but Chuck needs to help with that. He's, of course, working tomorrow.

Yesterday, Chuck and I went over to mom's for Thanksgiving dinner. I had already eaten breakfast, my morning snack, and lunch by the time we headed over because of my new diet schedule. We were the first ones to arrive. Alex and Estelle showed up next, followed by Grandma, then Tony, Heather, and Jack. Pam, Brent, April and Todd didn't join us because they went to the new in-laws. After dinner, Steph, Jon, Jack, and Chuck went downstairs to play the Wii. I picked camped out on the recliner and read the book I brought, while dad snoozed on the couch. Mom was cleaning up the kitchen and chatting with Heather, Tony, and Alex in the dining room. Estelle was playing on her phone. Grandma joined dad and I in the living room. I finally popped in a Christmas movie just for some atmosphere. I did have to eat another meal before Chuck and I left for night (around 7-ish), but we left right after that because I was going to fall asleep if we didn't.

I have to admit that the hardest part of the whole day was avoiding the chocolate pudding pie that mom made (there were 3 variations). Because I didn't know the serving size for the piece of pie and how many carbs are in each serving, I just didn't even bother. I'm sure my willpower will be sorely tested in the next couple of months with regards to sweets and desserts. 'Tis the season of delicious desserts too. I'm sure once I give birth and am cured, I'll get into a baking frenzy, though I hope some of the good eating habits will stick with me. It is just really difficult to get used to the proportions of food right so that I stay full until the next meal. It really sucks to be hungry and not be allowed to eat something because it'll mess with my blood sugar checks. Popcorn is one of those items I've figured out is really filling but not worth a lot of carbs. For example I could eat 6 ritz crackers with 1 slice of cheese as a snack or I could have 3 cups of popcorn with a quarter-cup of nuts. Clearly the popcorn has more volume.

I am glad that this is a four day weekend. I could use the re-charge. Though I am definitely in a nesting phase, so I hope to remember to stop and rest a few times this weekend instead of letting my nesting urges take over and going into a cleaning frenzy.

I hope all of you are doing well. Drop me a line when you get the chance.
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Return to Normalcy...sort of [Oct. 19th, 2009|06:20 pm]
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Today was my first day back at work, and I have to admit that it was nice to get back into my work routine. This past week was terribly busy, not very relaxing, and felt way longer than a week. Let me take you through the past week.

Friday, 10/09/09
After I got home from work, I had to pack up my suitcase. Usually I like to pack ahead of time, but it just wasn't going to happen for this trip. We (Chuck, his mom & stepdad, and I) left in rush hour to get to our hotel in Winchester. After checking in, we went to the pedestrian mall in town to find a place to eat. We ate at the Union Jack Pub (very English-type fare), which was very tasty. Afterwards we walked around a little because the weather was so nice and we weren't ready to head back to the hotel. It was a nice little town center.

Saturday, 10/10/09
After eating breakfast at the hotel, we headed for Skyline Drive on our way to Luray Caverns. We stopped at many of the overlooks for scenic pictures (mostly at Sandra's insistence). We got to Luray, purchased our tickets and headed down into the caverns. It was different than I remember it being, but the last time I went was in elementary school. Instead of small guided groups for a 20 minute tour, we each got a set of headphones and a transmitter so that we could type in the number for the feature we were at (the points of interest were each numbered so you could learn more about it). The good part of the audio tour was that we could take our time going through the caverns and taking pictures and just looking at the geologic formations. The bad side is that it was much more crowded down there (attendance has definitely increased over the years) and we encountered a couple of "traffic" jams. I also worried more about how the caves will be preserved when - even though there were workers stationed all over the place - the crowd can't be watched closely to keep them from touching the walls and formations. It was interesting though. We did eat lunch there before heading to Harrisonburg.

We hit the Visitor Center so Sandra could get directions to the Historical Society in Dayton (which is next to Harrisonburg). She wanted to see if she could find more information about her geneaology. After reaching the Historical Society building (for which the directions weren't accurate and Sandra had given us the wrong name for it and we had to turn around once because the sign was at the wrong spot), Chuck and I waited outside while Sandra looked for information. It was a relatively nice day, if a little cool. It would have been even better if we didn't keep getting whiffs of the nearby cows.

After an hour there, Chuck and I convinced Glen and Sandra to go to the Green Valley Book Fair (which allegedly has approximately 500,000 books). It happens only six times a year, for a two week period each time it opens. I got just a couple of books as did Chuck. I must admit that I was a little disappointed with their romance, but that's okay. It was interesting to look around there and get discounted new books. We ended the day with checking into our hotel in Waynesboro (which was booked solid) and eating at the Cracker Barrel next door.

Sunday, 10/11/09
We ate breakfast at the hotel because it was easy. We then headed to the Frontier Culture Musuem in Staunton, which was entirely an outdoor exhibit of early farms. There was an English farm, an Irish farm, a German farm, and several American farms (late 1700s to mid-1800s) which were a blend of the three styles. They were interesting to look at, but involved a lot of walking. We then ate lunch at a Five Guys across the street. Afterwards, we dropped Sandra off at the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library (Sandra wants to go to every presidential library eventually), while Glenn, Chuck, and I went to an enormous antique warehouse. We figured it would be more interesting for us and it didn't cost us anything to look. Chuck and I actually found a couple of things (small) to buy. One was a small asian screen that looks like embroidery from afar but is actually some very small shells attached to fabric to make a scene. The other is a Korean vase I got for mom because it's similar to one she got from my nana. Even after taking our time through the huge warehouse (and I mean huge), we still finished before Sandra was done at the library. So we then walked up the main street of Staunton (or what we think was the main street) and looked in a couple of shops there. Chuck and I ended up buying a painting we saw in another antique store. It doesn't look like anything in particular, but I like it for some reason. We just don't like the frame.

After collecting Sandra, we drove to George Washington National Forest and stopped by Braley Pond so Chuck could dig among the rocks. He was hoping to find some fossils during the week, since there are many areas in the Shenandoahs that are good for finding fossils. Chuck likes geology and we figured he might as well get his fix. He called it quits when a sharp rock cut his finger, which meant we had to stop for neosporin and bandaids. Chuck also remembered to pick up some ear plugs for me (we were sharing a room with Sandra and Glenn and Glenn's snoring had kept me up the night before).

That night we ate at El Puerto Mexican Restaurant and the baby became suddenly very active. I don't know if she liked the music or I was just really hungry and she was insisting that I eat, but she was dancing around in there.

Monday, 10/12/09
We got up early so we could eat breakfast before checking out of the hotel. We headed further south to the Natural Bridge. For the price of the ticket, we decided to walk the whole path (as the Natural Bridge is right after where they take your tickets) to Lace Falls. It was just under 2 miles there and back. It was a nice easy hike in brisk weather and we didn't encounter too many people that early. Just for the hell of it (and because they were included in our ticket), we went to the Toy "Musuem" under the Natural Bridge gift shop and then the Wax "Museum". The toy musuem, while containing many toys, was chaotically put together and a lot of the toys were things we played with as kids (though still collectible). It is clearly something they added to make the Natural Bridge more of an attraction. The wax museum felt much the same way. A lot of the figures were just creepy (like they were crazy) and only a couple seemed truly realistic.

After a lunch at Subway, we took a scenic route through Jefferson National Forest to try and find more places Chuck could dig for fossils. We didn't have much luck. We drove through Blacksburg to get to Wytheville and our next hotel. We ate dinner at a place called the Log Cabin, which was a very interesting old building with good food. Sandra picked it because it was her birthday. It's not a place to go if you want your food quickly. Our poor waitress seemed to be having one of those days were she's running around like a mad woman trying to keep up (even though it didn't look very full in the restaurant). She managed to spill Chuck's food all over the floor when she was passing out our food (she should have balanced the tray better). He got a free dessert out of it and they put a rush on his food so that he could get his meal before we had finished ours. After dinner we actually checked out the gift shop they have attached to the back of the building (it was a strange windy building that has been around and modified since before the Civil War). It was a strange collection of items, though I did like a few things, such as their salt candle holders.

Tuesday, 10/13/09
Breakfast again occurred at the hotel we were staying at. We went to Sandra's Great Aunt Lydia's house in Cedar Bluff via a very windy road. We actually had to stop briefly so my head would stop spinning. It also took longer than anticipated because of the windiness. Lydia was very glad to have us over and was very disappointed that we weren't staying the night with her. We didn't want to impose on a 90-year-old woman, plus we'd never met her before. Except for trouble with her knees, she has her wits about her, so Sandra was able to pick her brain about her side of the family to flesh out the geneaology. Since we spent pretty much the whole day there, by the time I went to bed, the baby was moving around a lot. I think it was because she wasn't being lulled to sleep by the motion of the car or my walking around.

Wednesday, 10/14/09
Wednesday was cold and rainy, but Sandra wanted to go to the Crab Orchard Museum. The inside exhibit was okay, but it was kind of crummy walking outside in the rain to see the old outdoor buildings. Thank goodness we remembered to pack the raincoats. Glenn opted to wait in the car throughout because he didn't want to venture into the rain. Afterwards, we dropped Sandra off at the Tazewell Historical Society while we stopped in a church parking lot so Chuck could examine the exposed rock. He didn't really find anything, but he had a good time looking even though he got pretty wet. I was doing a word puzzle and Glenn amused himself by reading The Annals of Southwest Virginia that Sandra had purchased at the Crab Orchard Museum. We then managed to see most of the town when Chuck was tired of being in the rain. We found an "Antique" store in a warehouse that we looked at. It was really cold in there because it was a warehouse and their door was open and it was filled with so much crap that it shouldn't even have qualified at a thrift store. They should rename it the Crap Store. We then stopped by a McDonald's for lunch while waiting for Sandra to call us to let us know that she was done. We still ended up waiting even after she called us, partly because the guy working there was copying 84 pages for her on the slowest machine ever. She found out that she is apparently related to half the county in one way or another. We then returned to Aunt Lydia's for the afternoon, partly so Sandra could return some photos she'd copied at a Wal-Mart and partly to pick her brain more. Glenn and Chuck went in search of more fossils while I watched some tv in Lydia's living room. When they got back, Chuck had quite the collection of rocks to clean up. Before we went back to our hotel, we had to stop by Lydia's niece's house just down the road, but we only stopped their for about 15 minutes or so.

Thursday, 10/15/09
Thursday turned out to be a mostly driving type of day. After checking out of the hotel, we made a couple of stops for Chuck to look for more fossils (with no luck unfortunately) before heading to Lynchburg via Roanoke. We only drove through Lynchburg so that I could show them where RMWC was. After that drive-by, we went to Charlottesville and viewed Monticello - the home of Thomas Jefferson (again it was a misty, cold day). We might have spent more time walking the grounds if the weather had been better, but we saw the house and the grave and the gift shop. We were pretty much done for the day after that and just checked into our hotel and hung out until dinner, which we ate across the street. I made the sad realization that I'll probably need to avoid booths in a few weeks because it's just getting too hard to slide in and out of the bench seats. I do have to admit, though, that the booth at the restaurant was more narrow than usual.

Friday, 10/16/09
We tried to get an early start because we wanted to get home before rush hour in the afternoon, but our plans didn't work out quite that way. We did get up early and ate breakfast at a nearby deli (good food, quick service, and cheap prices) and we did get checked out of the hotel by about 8:30. We headed to Michie Tavern (pronounced like Mickey, and is near Monticello) so we could be there when it opened at 9. We did a self-guided tour because we didn't want to wait until 10 for the guided tours to start. That took a little less than an hour. We then headed to Ash Lawn-Highland (the home of James Monroe), where we ended up on a tour of kids with not so great chaperones. The kids were a little annoying because they kept asking questions that our tour guide (who was very patient and pretty good) had already answered or asking questions that had absolutely no relevance (what does it matter how much items in the house cost or whether they are available in the gift shop?) to the actual house. Chuck fears for our children, and the public school system, and I have to admit, watching the kids makes me worry as well. I also know I'm not homeschooling our kids and that we probably can't afford private school. We'll just have to make do and teach them by example.

After what felt like an extremely long tour, we headed to Montpelier (the home of James Madison). Sandra thought we were right on schedule because we got out of Ash Lawn around noon, but truthfully, we were behind because Chuck and I wanted to be heading home about 12:30, not going to another museum. Montpelier was interesting though. We got a good guide and we had older individuals in our tour group. The house was also mostly empty as they had just finished restoring the building last year and are working on getting accurate furnishings for the house now. We ate lunch at McDonald's (it was quick and easy) and finally got on the road home. The traffic we encountered wasn't too bad, so we managed to get home around 5-ish. We had a little time to relax (I unpacked as soon as we got home) before we went out to dinner with mom, dad, Eric, and Eric's friend Elena (her mom forgot to pick her up from their band practice).

Saturday, 10/16/09
We woke up early on Saturday. We didn't necessarily want to, but we had gone to bed as soon as we got back from dinner. It was another rainy cold day (as the trend seems to be lately), but we only had two things on the agenda. We left the house to return the rental car at Dulles and then had to drive Sandra and Glenn to Reagan immediately afterward so they could catch their flight to Florida (they're staying with Glenn's brother in Florida for a week before returning to California). We managed to drop them off safely and managed to get home safely, even though it was a pretty crappy drive in the rain. As you can imagine, once we got home, (after eating breakfast at Silver Diner) we didn't do a darn thing the rest of the day except prepare dinner, which was sandwiches. I should have done laundry, but I just didn't have the energy.

Sunday, 10/17/09
The only thing I did was laundry. Well, and I also dragged Chuck with me to the grocery store in the afternoon to grab a few things. Other than that, we didn't do much. What's weird is that either football or baseball was on the tv for most of the day. This is what happens when nothing else is on and I am too tired to care that sports are on.

Unfortunately, I discovered today that my phone was not in my purse like I thought it was and I have no idea where it is. I know I can't call it because the battery is dead by now. I have a feeling that I managed to leave it in the rental car, so I'll have to call tomorrow to see if they still have it, or I'm going to have to get a new phone. The only reason that I didn't notice it wasn't in my purse before now is because I didn't have any calls to make and wasn't expecting any. Sigh. Just one more thing to put on my to do list for this week.
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Greetings from my chaotic life [Oct. 2nd, 2009|05:03 pm]
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It's not really chaotic, it just feels like it has been recently. Clearly I haven't found the time to update in a while, which is sad, because I have checked in a couple of times to see if anyone else updated. I guess I just didn't have the energy.

Since I updated in July, I have done a few things worth mentioning.

For Steph and Alex's birthday, the family went to Medieval times. We managed to get seated in the Green Knight's section again. They must save that area for the really loud people. We got our knight to almost win, but as he was the bad guy, we could only do so much. (We weren't going to cheer on the prince because he was really lame.) Much fun was had, and a couple of people got a little drunk.

My "Uncle" Bob died just the week before. (He's an old family friend of my parents'.) He hadn't been doing well lately because of a relapse in cancer, but his spirits were never low. My parents, sisters, and I went over to our "Aunt" Meredith's house for a wake. It was really busy there because they both had many family and friends show up as well. He worked for the city for a long time and was really active in the community, so we weren't entirely surprised by the crowd. The memorial service was in August because his daughter had just left for a 20 day European tour when he died. They wanted to wait for her before holding the funeral. (He was cremated in case you were wondering how that would work.)

Chuck and I visited Erin in New York in mid-August. Kerry had the unenviable position of driving us all around. We hung out mostly, hitting the theatre for G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra (which wasn't as bad as I thought it would be), eating out, and visiting the Buddhist temple/monastery. The worst part of the trip was the way up when we got held up for a couple hours because of traffic, and then the drive back, which was clearer, but we still hit patches of evil construction that slowed traffic to a crawl.

I did have my 20 week ultrasound. We found out we're having a girl, though we're still keeping things neutral and picked a back-up name. She sat cross-legged most of the ultrasound, and we got some good pictures out of it. I can go back for a complimentary 4-D ultrasound (the 4th dimension is color), but that has to be between 28-32 weeks.

The first weekend in September, Jon, Steph, Eric, Chuck and I went to the Renaissance Festival. We spent a lot of time walking around and eating food. Part of the wandering and waiting around we did was because we met up with a co-worker of Chuck's (I knew her as well) and her friends. We ended up splitting up and meeting back up for a particular show. I bought three pictures from an artist. Each of the pictures has a dragon at a different age, but with the same teddy bear in each one. Everyone I've described them to thinks it's a cute idea, but mom disappointed me with her, "Dragons in the baby's room already?!"

This past week as been particularly hectic. Last Thursday, Jon, Steph, Chuck and I piled into one car to drive up to Indiana for my cousin's wedding. Mom, Eric, and dad were in the van. Heather, Tony and Jack flew up on Friday evening. It was good to hang out with the cousins for a while when we arrived Thursday night. We didn't get much chance on Friday, but we did hang out with Aunt Mary Ann and Uncle Brian. Saturday we spent most of the time hanging out in the hotel just vegetating before we had to get ready for the wedding. They got married in a court house (it's now a historically protected property). Corrie looked great in her dress (fabulous silhouette), but I did have to wonder how she managed to make it down the stairs. The cocktail hour went a little long. I think that's because the photographers went a little overboard. Foodwise, the steak was a hit, but I couldn't eat it because it was too pink in the middle. I was among the few who ate the cordon bleu, which was a little bland. The mashed potatoes were a little bland as well, but nothing some salt couldn't fix. The dancing started after the speeches. I didn't think the dj was the best but it was fun to watch his white man dancing. I only danced a couple of songs, mostly because it's been a while since I've worn heels and I'm just more cumbersome than I used to be. We stayed for entire wedding, but it wrapped up a little after 9 (I think that's about when it ended). We did basically go back to the hotel, wash off make up (for us girls anyway), and went to bed. We left fairly early the next morning, although we did eat breakfast at IHOP, so that delayed us a little. We got back a little after 7. Chuck and I took a breather at mom and dad's before we headed home.

The downside of this week was discovering that my car battery was dead yet again when I went to go to work on Monday. Dad came by to pick me up so I could go to work and Chuck picked me up. Tuesday we had it towed to the dealer (they were the ones who put the last battery in). Chuck dropped me off at work and dad picked me up. Those two days went a little long for me, especially since I'm used to being at work earlier in the day. Wednesday, Chuck had to go to 7 Corners and he dropped me off at the dealer so I could pick up the car, which I then took immediately to work. The good news is that I didn't have to pay for the battery or the engine check and the towing was covered by our auto insurance. Thursday I had another prenatal appointment. Since I worked a couple of hours longer on Monday and Tuesday, I ended up leaving for the appointment around noon and didn't go back. Chuck met me there. The good news is that I passed my 3 hour Glucose Tolerance Test, though barely. The bad news is that I have to do the 1 hour test again because I'm so borderline. I also have to go in to get a RhoGam injection in the next few weeks because I'm RH-. That's another 3 hours in the hole.

Next week should be a normal week, but Chuck's parents are coming into town on Thursday evening and we'll be out of town the following week. I also have to schedule a hospital tour and register for a childbirth class (we're just going to go for the 2 day class instead of an intensive program). Not to mention I have to put the nursery together and childproof the house. I also have a wedding shower this weekend.

I don't sound busy at all, do I?
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Happy Independence Day! [Jul. 4th, 2009|03:45 pm]
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Greetings to all! I know it has been over a month since I last updated. I have to admit that I've had a difficult time gathering enough energy in the afternoons to even turn on a computer much less post an update. I haven't even been reading much. I've mostly found myself either passing out on the couch after work or channel surfing for hours. I haven't done much cooking either. I just never really know what I'm in the mood for and how my stomach will react. I do know I should stay away from all you can eat buffets, but only because I don't eat enough for the price any more.

Right now I'm almost 11 weeks along, and the baby, while still tiny, looks something slightly human-esque. I have another prenatal appointment on Tuesday where I'll probably get to listen to the heartbeat for the first time. Chuck's going with me, which will be a little weird, but good all the same. I still find myself having moments where I rub my belly and can't believe there's a little person growing there. I have had to purchase new pants because I can't fit in any of mine, not even my newest pair. It is still not obvious that I'm preggers, but it won't be long now till the baggier shirts won't hide the little baby belly.

My mom is still super excited. I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I'll be "little mama" for the entire pregnancy. I don't think my mom can help it. She's already working on knitting a practice baby blanket and she still wants me to design some maternity clothes that she can make for me (which will be cheaper in the long run than shopping at a maternity store).

More recently, Chuck and I just spent about 4 days in Williamsburg with the parents and Eric. We drove down early on Sunday and went straight to the Jamestown Settlement (where they've built a replica of the fort and the ships that brought the first settlers to Jamestown). We spent several hours walking around the fort area before eating lunch. We then spent sometime in the museum. Eric and I weren't in the mood to read, so we just kind of looked and talked. I was trying to stay hydrated to fight off a headache, but finally succumbed and took some tylenol (about the only pain medicine I can take).

Monday we went to Water Country USA and were there till about mid-afternoon. Mom and I hung out in the lazy river and a slightly faster lazy river in the morning while the boys went off to enjoy the slides before lines got too long. We then joined up for lunch and stayed together for the rest of the day. I was proud that I didn't get any sunburn because we were very good about applying sunscreen. We did have to buy watershoes (curtesy of mom) because the concrete got so HOT that our feet were literally burning and there just wasn't enough shade to get us all the way across the park. They need to add some shade or spray down that concrete periodically, because that was just way too hot, even for a waterpark. We did Pirate's Cove mini-golf before we went back to the hotel, because we knew we'd just end up passing out and it was only about 5-ish when we left the park. There was a lot of back and forth on who was in the lead, but we somehow managed to end with a five-way tie at 49. I don't think that'll ever happen again. Mom, though, got 3 holes-in-one, so I think she gets props for that.

Tuesday we went to Busch Gardens. Eric and dad went to ride rollercoasters before lines got horrendous, while Chuck, mom, and I wandered from show to show. We also browsed some shops and ate some food. We managed to hook back up with dad and Eric mid-afternoon in Germany just in time for the Oktoberfest show. It'd been years since I'd managed to catch the show and Chuck had never seen it. We didn't leave the park until after 7-ish and ate dinner outside of the park.

Wednesday we all slept in. I packed up our stuff while dad packed up his stuff. Dad had a gig on Thursday and Friday, and I had to work on Thursday, so we'd planned to leave on Wednesday. Mom and Eric would have the rest of the week to hang out and relax. We did have brunch at IHOP and then went to see Tranformers: Revenge of the Fallen. It wasn't the worst movie I've ever seen, but it wasn't "good" either. There was definitely a lot of action, as in you just kind of moved from robot action scene to robot action scene to robot action scene. There were also some things that happened that didn't make sense, and I can't remember how a few of the battles were resolved, which is a little weird.

Chuck and I don't really have plans to celebrate the 4th. We may play rock band with Jon and Steph this evening. We may or may not see fireworks depending on how I feel. I just enjoy being able to chill out for a while without worrying about stuff.
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Unpacking woes [May. 30th, 2009|06:38 pm]
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Greetings friends. I have neglected my journal the past week or so because I've been in the process of moving. Last weekend Chuck and I enlisted Alex's trailer, mom and dad's van, and Jon's truck (as well as their respective muscles) to move the furniture and pretty much everything else that was in the house. Except for a few miscellaneous items, everything was in the new place by Saturday night. We did order pizza for everyone to enjoy while we popped in a movie. We did try to get the bathroom and bedroom in some kind of order, mostly so we had somewhere to sleep. This past week has been slowly but surely seeing the house come into some kind of order. The kitchen is pretty good, though it needs some tweaking and we need to ditch all the recycling that's piled up in there. We've started unloading books but we still have several boxes more to unpack and organize. The living room we set up last Sunday because we knew we'd be spending most of our time there. (We also have realized that we need more shelves for our DVDs/Blu-Ray because we have so many.)

Unfortunately we are without cable or internet right now. The internet is harder to live without than the cable. We're going to get FiOS hooked up on June 17th, but we kind of wish we could've been hooked up to Cox cable. Their prices are better and they have better customer service and we wouldn't have to get lines installed (we could've been hooked up right this minute and I wouldn't feel so internet deprived). Comcast was our other choice for cable, but they seemed like a bigger rip off than FiOS. We'll see how it goes. We're only planning on getting one box put in, so that should keep it reasonable price-wise.

Work has been a little hectic but still boring for me. One of my co-workers has been on her honeymoon for the past two weeks, so I've had to help out with our Licensing database. It is pretty boring as it is mostly looking at spreadsheet data and comparing what has been processed to the original source data. It doesn't help that there have been a huge amount of errors with the data because the company that processes the data for us changed how they did it and they have a couple of new people who don't know what they are doing. I'm glad she's coming back next week, especially since she'll be doing my proofs again. It's hard to wait for Mark to get them done. He's the slowest proofer & the slowest at data entry. Not to mention he doesn't catch half of what he should when he's proofing. It's a good thing I'm thorough or some of my batches would look like utter crap.

I hope you all are keeping busy and enjoying the warmer weather. (I have when it hasn't been raining incessantly.)
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Moving [May. 17th, 2009|05:14 pm]
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So Thursday Chuck and I got our keys to the new house. We spent about an hour with our new landlord. She was taking us through how to maintain everything to ensure that we'll get our security deposit back when we move out. That happened at about 4. We went out to Outback afterward because Chuck was starving. I feel like their menu has changed some (as in it is not as large as it used to be and they've added some new things), but we both enjoyed our choices. After that we went to Target to look around before going back to the new house to plot and plan a little more.

Friday I left work a little early because I worked late on Thursday. Chuck and I packed up a few more things. Mom and dad brought the van over and we loaded it up with stuff so we could take them out to see the place. Mostly we took the stuff that was packed up in the basement utility room. The icky mold smell is coming back since the heat and humidity has been gradually increasing. We dropped them off back home and kept the van.

Saturday I spent the morning packing up most of my kitchen stuff. I took a break, then started loading the boxes of books into the van. I took another break for lunch and a shower (I knew I would be getting sweaty later, but I just felt too gross to stay that way). Dad and Eric came over about 2 to help me finish loading up the van. We also loaded up my car and we drove out the house to unload it all. All three of us were breathing hard and our limbs felt watery afterward. I did have to tell Eric to stop loitering several times and to actually help move more boxes, but he, reluctantly, complied when I commanded.

We returned home for a break. Chuck was home and packing up more stuff at that point. Dad had to go home for his test kit. We thought he was coming right back but he didn't. Chuck, Eric and I made one last run (packing up 2 bookcases and some boxes in some slight rain) out to the house (where it wasn't raining). We quickly unloaded and joined up with mom, dad, and Steph at the house. We all went out for barbecue for dinner then returned to the house to watch an episode of Star Trek Next Gen.

Today my only goal was to do laundry, which I've mostly finished. I felt tempted a couple of times to pack up more stuff in preparation for the furniture move Memorial Day weekend, but then I decided I really didn't feel like it. I'll probably pack up more stuff in the afternoons when I get home from work and perhaps put that stuff in my car. I do still need to decide whether I'm going to keep certain dishes or not and I need to go through and weed out some of my clothes before we move the dressers.

I may have some other news forthcoming, but I'll let you know when I have more details.
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for your inner Trekkie [May. 8th, 2009|08:31 pm]
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Chuck and I just came home from the mall. We went to the 4:10 showing of the new Star Trek movie, which wasn't crowded at all (which was what we were hoping for). I must say that I really enjoyed it. It was a little over two hours, but I didn't notice the length at all. There was something happening all the time and there was a completely plausible reason for a re-visioning of the series, so there shouldn't be angry responses about how the series has been ruined. (Although, let's face it, some people will not enjoy it just because.) I will admit to being a little skeptical of the whole thing, but I feel it turned out well. Also, critics seem to like it as well. I won't say more as I don't want to ruin it for those of you who will want to see it.

Chuck did have me read a comic book prelude to the movie, but although it provides a little more set up for the movie, wasn't needed to understand it.

After the movie, Chuck and I went to Barnes & Noble so we could pick up some more boxes and I picked up the new J.R. Ward book. We had pulled out of our parking spot and were about to figure out dinner when Steph called. She and Jon were at the mall too and planned on seeing the 9:00 show (only because the 8 o'clock show was sold out), so we ended up eating dinner with them at T.G.I. Friday's. It's been a while since we've hung out with them because their either working or over at Jon's house. All in all, an enjoyable evening.

On the books for this weekend: spend time with Mom, mostly doing manual labor, in honor of Mother's Day.
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It's SO Hot! [Apr. 27th, 2009|07:37 pm]
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So this weekend was unexpectedly hot. The weather skipped right over the 70s and 80s and went straight to the low-90s. The house, as a result, is also hot, though I have turned on our a/c in our bedroom (there's nothing worse than trying to sleep in a sweltering room).

Other than the heat, Chuck and I went out adventuring this weekend. We hit up three different public library used book sales. We had the best luck at the first one we went to in Reston. The other two weren't as ridiculously busy, but they also had fewer paperbacks. We spent about $30 after visiting all three and we wound up with quite a few books (most that we got were 50 cents, with a few that were $1 or $2).

Saturday, after going to the library, we stopped by Silver Diner for breakfast/brunch. We'll probably end up going there more often once we move, mostly because it's right down the street. We did explore our new neighborhood by driving around a little before randomly deciding to go to the Chantilly library too before we had to go home. Chuck closed on Saturday, so we had to be back by about 2, which we were. I spent the rest of the day lounging in the tv room since Heather, Tony, and Jack were out running errands and playing. I also managed to do some laundry, while dwelling on how hot the room was.

Sunday, I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast and Chuck and I chilled out before we headed out to the Centreville library. After that excursion we went over to Fair Lakes to eat at Red Robin (we love their onion rings), looked at HD tvs at Best Buy, and looked at patio furniture at Target. Our new place has a little patio-like wooden platform (I'd call it a deck, but it's not raised) where it might be nice to have a chair or two and maybe a little table. We did stop by the family's on the way home. They, oddly enough, weren't back from BJ's, which Chuck had wanted to go to, but I didn't (especially since I don't want to buy anything in bulk right now). If we'd gone, we totally would've run into my parents. We didn't stay long and we did remember to grab boxes from the attic so we can start packing some non-essentials up. I keep forgetting to bring home the two paper boxes I've set aside at work (3 days in a row I've forgotten them!). I'll look at them in the morning and tell myself not to forget them, then get home, look at the boxes we already have, and realize that I forgot them. How frustrating is that?

Oh, I'll make sure to email the pertinent individuals the new address as we are officially leased. We get the keys on May 15h.
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